Many of your natural gas processing facilities are either operating near maximum capacity and likely, below desirable efficiency levels. Natural gas processing technology has evolved greatly in the past ten years while your plant has probably not kept up. In some cases your plants have gone largely unchanged for the past twenty or more years.

Small changes can reap great benefits. Investment with payouts, even at today's LPG and gas prices, of less than one year are not atypical. Sometimes the change involves improving fuel recovery or LPG recovery. Sometimes the improvement is in the maximum amount of process throughput. Your 200 MMSCFD processing plant may be upsized by 20% or 30% with an investment that is a small fraction of the cost of an add-on plant.

Azota has extensive experience in plant optimization. Perhaps you have looked at this option before and did not see a ready, practical enhancement. Perhaps it is time to look again. A plant revamp typically takes a fraction of the time to execute than a new plant. Your plant can continue to run while shutdown times are usually less than two days. Here are some of the things we examine.

  • Improved amine treating systems to a) save energy, b) improve treated gas CO2 levels, c) increase gas treating capacity.

  • Debottlenecking of Molecular Sieve dryers to increase system capacity

  • Increase operating capacity of LPG recovery systems

  • Improvement of refrigeration system capacity or reduction of refrigeration system energy

  • Improvement of LPG recovery levels

  • Better ethane rejection capacity while increasing propane and heavier capacity

  • Overall reduction of fuel or electricity usage

  • Cost effective reduction of emissions

Let us look at your plant. We will examine, analyze and prepare an initial report at our expense. If you are already operating the perfect plant... we will congratulate you and be on our way. If we see areas worthy of improvement, we will quantify them and recommend the best way to proceed.

What have you to lose?